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Identify Faults Fast With Electrical Thermal Imaging Surveys

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Thermal Imaging

As well as our other standard electrical contracting services which cover everything from maintenance call outs to planned refurbishments and fixed wiring inspections, we are also able to carry out Electrical Thermal Imaging Surveys. These are fast becoming a requirement of many insurers of both commercial and industrial buildings and facilities. Thermal Imaging Surveys are also unbeatable at identifying electrical faults long before complete component failure, enabling planned maintenance therefore reducing downtime and costly repairs.

Thermal imaging

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What is Thermal Imaging?

An electrical infrared survey involves capturing thermal images of electrical distribution equipment including fuse boards, MCB boards, switchboards, control panels etc. The images are analysed to identify thermal abnormalities which have the potential to cause equipment failure and damage to property. A report is generated that identifies all of the equipment surveyed, together with detail of any faults found.

Thermal imaging

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Benefits of Thermal Imaging for your business

Our thermal imaging surveys are non-intrusive, enabling inspections to be completed safely and efficiently, without interruption to your business operations. Appointing Aspect Electrical Contractors Ltd to undertake a thermographic survey of your electrical systems enables the following benefits to be realised:

Reduction in Breakdown Maintenance Costs

Reduction in breakdown maintenance costs

An increased availability of Insurance Companies willing to provide cover

An increased availability of insurance companies willing to provide cover

Reduction in Insurance Premiums

Reduction in insurance premiums

Reduction in Risk Mitigation Contingency Budgets

Reduction in risk mitigation contingency budgets

Electrical engineer carrying out survey with a client

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Dependent on the layout of the site and ease of access, we are able to inspect up to 70 assets (i.e. fuse boards, MCB boards, control panels etc.) in one day. Our thermographic surveys are carried out by electrically qualified engineers. This together with the use of the most advanced thermal imaging cameras and analysis software available within the commercial sector means you can be assured the quality of service received will meet your high expectations.

Thermal imaging

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Electrical Thermography Applications Service

Our Electrical Thermography Applications service is the most non-disruptive method to find loading related faults and poor connections which are common causes for electrical fires. The damage caused by an electrical fire can result in many thousands of pounds in repairs and injury claims. Find out more about our Electrical Thermography service below.

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