Guide for landlords: electrical safety standards in the private rented sector

Being a landlord can be tough: many people don’t realise how ever-changing regulations on renting out private property mean that landlords are constantly having to keep up with and adapt to new guidance. The latest change in guidance put out by the government relates to electrical safety standards in the private rented sector.

What’s new?

The new regulations ultimately boil down to requiring landlords to have their electrical installations inspected and tested by a qualified professional every 5 years. Landlords will also have to provide a copy of the electrical safety report to their tenants, and their local authority if it’s requested.

The purpose of this change is to improve safety in residential premises, particularly in the private rented sector. While many landlords carry out these electrical inspections every so often anyway, this is the first time it has been required every 5 years by the government.

What do the regulations require?

Landlords are now duty-bound to ensure that their electrical installations meet the national standards for safety, as described in the 18th edition of the ‘Wiring Regulations’, which are published as British Standard 7671. They must also have their installations in rented properties tested and inspected by an NICEIC Approved Contractor every 3 years or more.

This effectively means that a qualified electrician must ensure that your rented property’s electrics are safe every 5 years. After this, your inspector will compile a report on the results of the inspection as well as setting a date for the next inspection within 5 years.

This report must then be supplied to various people, including the current tenant, a new tenant, prospective tenants, and the local authority if requested. Landlords must also keep a copy of the report until the next inspection takes place.

If the report shows that remedial work is needed, this must be completed within 28 days and a written confirmation of the work must be sent by the electrician to both the local authority and the tenant within 28 days of the work’s completion.

Need a little help?

If this sounds a little overwhelming, don’t worry. Aspect Electrical Contractors will carry out an inspection for you, do the testing required, and produce a thorough report. We also offer no-obligation quotes for remedial work in the Selsey and Chichester area and the wider surrounding areas of West Sussex and East Hampshire. If you’re looking for reliable electricians who you can trust, get in touch with us.

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